Congratulation to all the wonderful women out there!
We at Bon Dep are celebrating the day by shining some light on two women we appreciate immensely, Andrea and Betsy.
They work at our warehouse in Oslo and are the people who make sure that the packages reach their destination.
Andrea Frederikke Tveiten Storstrøm             Betsy Maimuna Hellebust



How are you going to celebrate the day?

Andrea – I´m going to spend the night with my family and have an extra nice dinner.

Betsy – Eat dinner with my friends 🫶🏾




  Andrea Frederikke Tveiten Storstrøm   Betsy Maimuna Hellebust 

Who are the women that inspire you?

Betsy – without a doubt my sister and my mom.

Mom is the strongest, kindest, most beautiful and caring person in the world. She has thought me the importance of compassion, respect, thankfulness and love. She has always put us kids first and raised us to trust in ourselves and be confident no matter what. Everyone should have an Ann-Magritt.

My sister inspires me with everything she manages to accomplish just by being fearless and following her passion. I don’t know anyone with more boldness and drive then her.

Nobody inspires me more then those two (and Beyoncé of course).


Andrea – I also look up to my mom and sister.

They are both women who say their opinion and stands up for themselves and people around them. They are the most caring people I know. They are both mothers and the patience and warmth they give to their children is something I wish for everyone.  






At Bon Dep we make women sine, how has this job helped you shine? 

Betsy – I have become more solution oriented, patient and confident. This job has also helped me realise that this is what I want to do. I am so proud to be part of the Bon Dep team.


The best part of working here apart from the wonderful girls in the office, is Andrea. We have such an amazing time working together and everyday life becomes extra special when we have so much fun at the warehouse.


Andrea – The best thing about working here is the togetherness and the pleasant atmosphere at work. There is always room for everyone to come with their ideas and thoughts.

I have become more open, and I am not afraid to contribute. I have grown a lot in the time I have been here and feel more confident and mature.

In addition, I have become more interested in wearing beautiful jewelry.





What are your product recommendations?

Betsy – Beauty box. perfect for my skin products that I keep bringing back and forth between my apartment and my boyfriend´s apartment. The beauty box also has a small mirror that is great to use on the go.

 Soft beauty bag is also a big favorite of mine. I use it for my makeup.

Chunky hoops, every variation of those lifts any outfit to the next level.

I also love lilja charm.

Kknekki- they are great for my hair and I really enjoy either matching the color with what I’m wearing or use a fun color to spark up the outfit. I mostly wear black so it’s nice to have some color on.


Andrea – Marie necklace and triple ring 52. I use them almost every day so I would say they are a favorite.

I love my beauty box. I use it for my makeup and really appreciate that it’s so robust I’m not scared my makeup will break when I travel.

For the makeup I bring with me everywhere I use the XS pouch made with Imran pink.





We appreciate you so much and wish you and all women the best women’s day!

xx Bon Dep